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jason & natalie


photo credit: jeremy cowart

Erin and Bryan have lived in this awesome apartment right next to the beltline for the past 7 years.  When they recently decided to buy a house and move out they invited us over for a session in the place they have called home for so long.  They wanted to commemorate their time spent growing their business and their lives together by having us shoot them as they normally are at home.  We loved the idea and couldn’t be more happy with how the images turned out.  We hope that they will look back at these and think of all the memories they made there.

atlanta-wedding-photographer-erin-and-bryan-100 atlanta-wedding-photographer-erin-and-bryan-101 atlanta-wedding-photographer-erin-and-bryan-102 atlanta-wedding-photographer-erin-and-bryan-103 atlanta-wedding-photographer-erin-and-bryan-104 atlanta-wedding-photographer-erin-and-bryan-105 atlanta-wedding-photographer-erin-and-bryan-106 atlanta-wedding-photographer-erin-and-bryan-107 atlanta-wedding-photographer-erin-and-bryan-108 atlanta-wedding-photographer-erin-and-bryan-109


Jacque and Colin have been working on renovating an old farm house on their property over the last year and couldn’t wait to show off their hard work on their wedding day.  They chose to have their wedding and reception on their farm property in a tiny town south of Atlanta.  For their ceremony they chose to walk each other down the aisle, write their own vows and then have a blanket ceremony involving their parents and grandparents.  All the guests wore pastels and celebrated their new Mr. and Mrs. announcement with lace tambourines.  Jacque and Colin, thank you for choosing JHP to capture your wedding day!  We hope you enjoy.

~ N+J

atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-101 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-102 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-103


atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-105 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-106 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-107 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-108 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-109 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-110 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-111 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-112 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-113 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-114


atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-116 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-117 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-118 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-119 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-120 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-121 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-122 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-123 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-124 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-125 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-126 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-127 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-128 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-129 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-130 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-131 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-132 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-133 atlanta-wedding-photography-jacque-and-colin-134